Sykling i Myrkdalen

The coronavirus and guidelines for mountain biking

1. Please do not visit Myrkdalen if you are infected, quarantined or have any symptoms of infection
2. Follow general advice from the health authorities
3. We encourage to bike with people you know.
4. Please do not exchange bikes without thorough cleaning between the users, especially the handlebars. Exeption is for family members or people in the same household.
5. Keep a minimum of 2 metre distance from other guests when standing still and 10 metres when biking.
6. Keep attention to bikers behind you and let faster bikers go in front of you. Bikers coming from behind must show consideration and keep a good distance when passing
7. No «high fives», but please call out «Yeehaa» and encouraging phrases to each other!
8. Avoid taking unnecessary risk and bike within your limits. If you need medical attention call 116 117.
9. Gloves and knee protetion is recommended, helmet is still mandatory!