El-sykling i Myrkdalen

E-biking in Myrkdalen and Vikafjellet

More and more people find joy in e-biking, especially up steep hills. What used to be a struggle has now become playfully easy.

The e-bike simply gives you the feeling of superpower, and you can bike longer and faster compared to a regular bike.


E-biking in Myrkdalen

A nice and short e-bike ride starting at Myrkdalen Hotel is to bike approx. 1 km north along the national road rv. 13 and continue up the gravel road to Fjellstova Vetlebotn café.

The cozy café on the mountain is open when the summer lift runs in July and August, and can offer both small dishes, ice cream, baked goods, and Norwegian traditional dishes. It is possible for kids to play right outside the café.

For a slightly longer route you can ride your bike further up to the top of Storhaugekspressen chair lift. Here you can park your bikes and continue on foot to the idyllic Mørkvesstølen. You can return the same way.


Myrkdalen offers fun e-bike tours on curvy, gravel roads

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Book e-bike tour with guide in Myrkdalen

El-sykkelturar i Myrkdalen

From July to September, you can join our half-day guided tour in the area around Myrkdalen, with scenic views and great nature experiences. The tour starts at Myrkdalen Hotel and will be adjusted to each group in terms of length and speed, and with several breaks as needed. We will cycle past some ponds and streams where you can dip your toes or take a refreshing swim on warm summer days.


Bike rental

Myrkdalen Sport & Rental on the opposite side of Myrkdalen Hotel, has a selection of e-bikes for rent. These bikes work well on country lanes, gravel roads and easy paths.

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El-sykling i Myrkdalen


The motor pushes you forward

The small, battery-powered electric motor on the bike makes it easier to get forward.

E-biking is by no means a lazy sport, but with a little help from the motor, the range of your tours can be extended. However, it will not do the work for you but will assist you through the pedals. The assistance level can be adjusted depending on the terrain, and the lower the engine power you use, the longer the battery will last.


What was before unattainable is now easy.


E-biking on Vikafjellet mountain area

El-sykling i Myrkdalen


Experience Vikafjellet, an idyllic mountain area between Voss and Vik, from the bike seat. You can start the trip at Myrkdalen Hotel. Cycle along the national road rv. 13 and continue up the long hairpin bends in Holo.

If you take this trip, we recommend you not to use maximum engine power all the way. Save the battery where you can, to avoid running out before reaching back to the hotel.

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