Experience the Iconic Flåm Railway - incl. bus & train tickets

<p><strong>Ever wanted to try out the Flåm Railway? Myrkdalen is only a short bus ride away.&nbsp;</strong></p><p>The route goes from the fjord to 860 metres above sea level. The Flåm Railway offers a great variety: From a stunning fjord landscape down at sea level to wild mountains with snow-capped peaks. Through lush pastures and historical traditions dating back to pagan times. It takes approximately two hours from Flåm - Myrdal return.</p>


Departure Myrkdalen 10:30

Arrival Flåm 11:30 

Flåm Railway

Depature Flåm: 14:30

Return Flåm: 16:25 


Departure Flåm: 16:45

Arrival Myrkdalen: 17:45