Fiske i Myrkdalen

Fishing adventures in Myrkdalen

Do you like hunting and fishing? In the summer we offer guided fly fishing for all levels and a family-friendly fishing tour. 


Family-friendly fishing tour


This is quite a popular family activity in Myrkdalen, where we adjust the tour to the weather conditions and group size. We have a variety of locations ranging from fishing from a boat in a lake to fishing in a tarn in high mountain terrain. All locations are close to Myrkdalen Mountain Resort. The final location will be clarified with the guide the day before.  

We start the day by driving to a selected fishing tarn (5 - 25 minute drive), set camp on a nice location next to it, and start fishing for trout using fishing rods. At the end of the tour we will prepare and cooki the fish we have caught, either on an open fire or on a camping stove. 

Join guided trout fishing in Myrkdalen


Fishing License

Vikafjellet and Myrkdalen
If you want to fish on your own, remember to buy a fishing license for the area you want to fish in. Vikafjellet and Myrkdalen has it's own fishing license which can be bought at Myrkdalen Hotel. 

The "Vossakortet" fishing license gives you access to approximately 500 tarns/lakes and many rivers. You can buy this license online