Norway's best

Flåm becomes a national tourism operator

(Flåm, 2 March 2021) Today, Flåm AS is launching the brand Norway’s best. Flåm seeks to apply its 20 years of tourism-industry experience in a nationwide venture. As a result, Flåm AS is changing its name to Norway’s best AS. The company intends to use this new branding to develop and showcase quality Norwegian tourism destinations and products all over the world.


Intensified international distribution efforts and a more distinct national profile will increase the traffic to all the selected destinations. Norway’s best will serve as a strong, leading Norwegian brand in the national and international tourism industry, and be renowned for its comprehensive portfolio of spectacular nature-based experiences.


“Establishing the brand Norway’s best has been our most ambitious initiative to date, and a project we’ve been working on for over two years. We see tremendous potential in the Norwegian tourism industry, but also a great need to professionalise operations and ensure sustainable organisation. An initiative encompassing the development of quality travel destinations and products across the whole of Norway is the natural next step for us,” says Solrun Hjelleflat, CEO, Flåm AS. 


In addition to Flåm and its popular products, the Norway’s best brand also includes tourist attractions in Aurland, Myrkdalen, Geiranger, Lysefjord, Hardanger, Hjørundfjorden, Lofoten and Narvik.


In spring 2020, Myrkdalen Fjellandsby joined the venture by merging with Aurland Ressursutvikling. In autumn 2020, the company became a co-owner of Arctic Train in Narvik, further strengthening its national commitment. Norway’s best AS is already in dialogue with other operators at quality travel destinations across Norway to join the Norway’s best brand.


As a destination that now welcomes visitors from more than 170 different countries all over the world every year, the Norway’s best brand builds on Flåm’s knowledge and experience of developing travel destinations. For years, Flåm has been building up a strong position both nationally and internationally. Flåm is now one of the most popular travel destinations in Norway, and it has become a commercial success that will only continue to grow with the establishment of the Norway’s best brand.


Flåm’s success is a result of holistic thinking, year-round activities, local collaboration, spectacular nature-based experiences, and professionally managed distribution and logistics operations. Other quality tourist destinations across Norway will now be able to benefit from the lessons learned in Flåm.