Restaurant Nuten Fondue

Restaurant Nuten Fondue

Nuten Fondue in Myrkdalen Hotel offers a delightful dining experience for you and your friends!

We offer both cheese and meat fondue with lots of side dishes.

Nuten Fondue

Fondue is known as an old Swiss food tradition, and the word "fondue" itself is originally French and means "melted."

This is a popular and social meal where you will be served overflowing platters of various types of meat such as pork, beef and chicken, lots of melted cheese, bread, several different sauces, vegetables, fruit and chunky fries. Small fondue pots with oil for frying are placed on the table.

A fondue meal is perfect if you want to have a unique and delicious dining experience together, where conversations and laughter flow easily around the table. Welcome to Nuten Fondue.

NOK 475,- per person.

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Please pre-book before 2 pm the same day.

If you prefer only cheese or meat fondue, please contact the restaurant directly or send an email to:


Nuten Fondue
Social dining with friends, family or colleagues