Konsert med Jan Eggum + ost og sidersmaking

Concert with Jan Eggum + Cheese and Cider Tasting

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Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with music, flavor, and great moments! On January 20th, we invite you to an exclusive experience that begins with a cheese and cider tasting, followed by a soulful concert featuring the beloved artist Jan Eggum. The evening concludes with a delightful 3-course dinner at Nuten.

Cheese and Cider Tasting:

Start the evening with a unique experience of cheese and cider tasting led by Arvid Notland. Arvid Notland usually works as the cheese specialist at the gourmet food wholesaler Mise En Place AS. He is a trained chef and has studied at the Academy of Cheese in England, where he has achieved the status of one of the few Norwegian cheese sommeliers, also known as a "Fromager." Arvid serves as a judge in national and international cheese competitions, including the Norwegian Championship and the World Championship in Cheese. He will guide you through a taste journey of world-class Norwegian cheeses that perfectly complement the refreshing ciders from Kvestad Sideri.

Concert with Jan Eggum:

Jan Eggum, one of Norway's most beloved musicians, is on his way and ready to enchant you with his timeless songs. Whether you are a loyal fan or have never experienced him live before, you will not be disappointed.

With a career spanning several decades, Jan Eggum has created an impressive catalog of songs that touch the heart and reflect on the ups and downs of life. With his profound lyrics, he has achieved the status of one of Norway's most respected and well-known artists and melancholists.

Let yourself be captivated by Eggum's performances, where his passion for music shines through. Whether it's the melancholic ballads that touches your heart or the more upbeat and catchy songs that make you dance in your seat, you will be carried away by Jan Eggum's unique style and warm humor.

3-Course Dinner at Nuten:

The evening concludes with a lovely 3-course dinner composed by our head chef, Gerald Landauer, at Restaurant Nuten.

Ost- og sidersmaking

Cheese, Cider, and Eggum

Don't have the whole evening available?
Then this package is for you. Includes a cheese and cider tasting with Arvid Notland and a concert with Jan Eggum.

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Jan Eggum

Cheese, Cider, Eggum and Dinner

The package for those who want a full evening of great flavors and beautiful music. The package includes cheese and cider tasting, a concert, and a 3-course dinner.

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Cheese, Cider, Eggum,
Dinner + Accommodation

For those who want to enjoy the weekend in the mountains with cultural and culinary experiences! You will get cheese and cider tasting, a concert, dinner, and a good night's sleep at Myrkdalen Hotel included.

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This event is a unique opportunity to experience an evening of diverse entertainment and culinary delights. Bring along friends or family, savor the flavors, enjoy the music, and create wonderful memories together.