Havkajakk Myrkdalsvatnet

Learn how to river kayak in Voss, the paddling paradise

Voss is a well-known paddler’s paradise that attracts paddlers from the entire world. If you also dream of trying river paddle sports within safe surroundings, this little rural area is the place to go.

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No wonder that paddlers from all over the world recognise Voss as a key place for paddle sports. The many surrounding rivers offer a variety of paddling experiences — from calm rivers and lakes to swift rapids and mighty waterfalls.

Elvepadling Myrkdalselva

One of the pioneers of river paddle sports in Voss is Mads Rio at Vått & Vilt. He is the very first to have paddled Brandsetelva, Myrkdalselva and several other classic rivers that, today, lure the most adventurous paddlers from around the world.

Paddling is as much about the unique total experience as learning the right technique

He ardently wants to share his passion for paddle sports with others, and provide the best water experience possible. Since the mid-90s, the Voss local has run various kayaking courses — from basic courses on rivers to exciting sea kayaking courses in Voss and in the Nærøyfjord.

"Paddling is as much about the unique total experience as learning the right technique," notes the experienced paddler.


River kayaking course for beginners / WetCard course

When you stay at Myrkdalen Hotel, Myrkdalselva is close by. The upper part is wide and twists through the wild mountain landscape, whilst the lower section is somewhat steeper with large slopes and drops, before it opens out into Myrkdalsvatnet.

Kurs i elvepadling

Many groups of friends take the course and have loads of fun in teams for two days.

It is in this watercourse that you can join Mads on a fun two-day beginner’s course in river kayaking. The kayaking course begins on still water and calm streams before continuing on to faster rapids. "The course is suitable for anyone over the age of 16 who is looking to have some fun. Many groups of friends take the course and have loads of fun in teams for two days," says Mads cheerfully.

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Family paddling in a sea kayak on Myrkdalsvatnet

Familiepadling med havkajakk

Focus on fun and games

If you are looking for an experience that the whole family enjoy, family paddling in a steady and easy-to-paddle sea kayak is just the thing. Mads says that kayaking for families has more focus on fun and games on the water. No prior knowledge is required and the arrangement is adapted as needed and requested.

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Kayaking tour as a team building activity

Havkajakk teambuilding

Among companies that would like to combine activity with professional content and a conference stay at Myrkdalen Hotel, a sea kayaking tour is one of the most popular team building activities.

This also requires no prior experience and the tour can be tailored to the group’s liking. "We can, for example, take our sea kayaks to the Nærøyfjord, only 35 minutes away from Myrkdalen, if you wish to come close to the spectacular fjord landscape.”

Havkajakk i Nærøyfjorden

Naturopplevingane frå kajakk er noko du seint vil gløyma

"The nature experiences from kayaking is something that you will not easily forget," says Mads convincingly and invites anyone who has not yet tried it to get a taste of what kayaking has to offer.

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