Finn på ski

Meet our cool friend, Finn the hare

Finn the hare comes from one of the highest mountains in Myrkdalen, and he himself thinks this is why the mountain is called Finnbunuten. He is a lively and fun character who loves to jump around, and is very fond of skiing, cycling and playing in the mountains around Myrkdalen.

Finn loves meeting people, especially children. Now he wants to make new friends, and will be showing up in Myrkdalen occasionally.

High five med haren Finn


For the winter holidays he has made some activities for the whole family.


Find Finn!

Our good friend likes to observe the action at the ski resort. It is so wonderful to see all the happy people whizzing around on skis and snowboards. Up and down. Maybe doing some jumps, turns and tricks along the way, and then take a lift up again. On the piste map, he has "hidden himself" several places. See if you can find his photo at the different locations during the ski day!

Finn løypekart

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Tip: To complete this activity you must explore the whole ski resort and take several ski lifts.


Finn's Nature trail in Årmotslia

Not everything is about downhill skiing when you are on holiday in Myrkdalen. You can also go cross-country skiing in groomed trails just outside the hotel. Cross the ski bridge and you'll find the ski stadium, Årmotslia, located on the other side of the resort.

Finn is also eager to teach new things to others. That is why he has hung up 8 posts with questions for both children and adults along the trail. It is always nice to have extra motivation to continue the ski tour.

Can you answer all the questions?


Meet Finn at the kids' area

Finn goes skiing everywhere in the mountains around the resort, but every once in a while he comes down to the slopes by the hotel as well.

Every Sunday the kids can meet him at the kids' area, right after the kids' race around 2 pm. Get a high five with Finn or join him skiing.


TIP: Finn er healthy and interested in food. Find Finn's food tip in the menu at Restaurant Nuten, Restaurant Tunet and Myrkdalsstovo. 😊