Myrkdalsstovo med vaksne og born i snøver utanfor

Myrkdalsstovo Welcome Centre

The café next to the ticket office is known for its freshly baked waffles and buns, and the signature dish "Skikøyrar sandwich". If you have brought a packed lunch with you, you are welcome to eat it here.

The smell of hot, freshly baked waffles that greets you at the door is tempting and impossible to resist. Treat yourself with a warm waffle with jam and sour cream, and something hot to drink. And if you haven't yet tasted the popular signature dish "Skikøyrar sandwich", you are in for a treat.

Waffels and coffee
The smell of freshly baked waffles is impossible to resist.
Myrkdalen Welcome Centre
You are in for a treat with our signature dish, Skikøyrar-sandwich


Eat your Packed Lunch

We also serve easy food, freshly baked buns and "grab and go" baguettes as well. You choose whether to dine in or take out. 

If you have brought a packed lunch with you, you are also welcome to eat it here.


Kiosk Goods and Freshly Baked Bread

Here you will also find a variety of kiosk goods, and in the morning we sell freshly baked bread, perfect for those long weekend breakfasts.


Ski Pass

In Myrkdalsstovo Welcome Centre you can purchase lift passes and store valuables in a safety locker. If you have lost something during your stay, this is also where you find the “lost & found”.