Guidelines when buying a lift pass

Terms and conditions


General terms and conditions when booking ticket and other on the Internet.


These general conditions apply between the seller, as a provider and the person himself or through others making a booking on the provider's website. Or through the seller`s associated online partners. The terms and conditions applies for lift tickets, activities, and purchase of other products and services. Or a combination thereof.


Responsible seller:

Norway’s best AS
Address: Torggata 32
N-5713 Vossestrand
VAT Number: VAT: 982897424
Phone: +47 47 47 16 00

1. Subscriber responsibility

Before making a final order the subscriber shall read and familiarize themselves with important information about the product .The subscriber is responsible for ensuring that the purchase is in accordance with their own wishes. The subscriber is also responsible for ensuring that information on the confirmation (only sent as e-mail) is in accordance with the order.


You can also register and login as user via social login (Facebook and Google). When you register using Facebook or Google you will be able to use your account with your credentials. 

You can always change your personal information by login on to "My page"


2. Lift ticket

When buying a lift ticket online you can buy this with or without a data medium, eg. Keycard. If you buy a lift card with an existing keycard, it is charged at the first pass in the lift's turnstile If you have purchased a new keycard online this can be picked up at the destination.


If the resort has QR/Barcode readers at the turnstiles the ticket  can be downloaded to your smartphone (for offline use) and use to access the turnstile directly

If the resort has a vending machine or a pickup box the QR/Barcode can be used to pickup your tickets at the destination. If the destination do not have this, please go to the ticket office. 



3. Implementation of your order

After correctly having executed the online payment you will receive a receipt by e-mail. The receipt will contain all the details of your purchase and can also be brought to the ski resort.


The order is not completed and not valid in the following cases:

- Subscriber has not received mail with return receipt with a confirmation /reference number. 

- If the online payment is canceled for various reasons and payment fails.

- The payment is not accurate or complete so that the amount is not deducted from the account. 

- Thus the provisional reservation will be cancelled after a short time and the trade is invalid.


If you have a question if your order is correctly processed, please contact us


4. Payment

We use a payment solution from Nets AS - Netaxept. Third party will not have access to your personal information or credit card number. Netaxept uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when transferring personal information. SSL creates a secure (encrypted) connection between your computer and Netaxept. In this way information is transmitted safely without unauthorized access .


5. Right of withdrawal

When purchasing ticket on the internet there is no right to cancel or refund, With reference to the Act §22 letter m) . This also applies to packages and promotions that contains fixed dates. Or with a lift ticket on a specific date attached to an event. In case of illness or injury-contact us!


6. Change in taxes

If taxes and fees or changed, thus leading to an increase in costs for providers after the order is completed and paid. The may then price be increased correspondingly to the order. The price change shall be notified immediately.


7. Refund of season pass during Covid -19 or other pandemics

It is important for us that when you purchase a season pass from Myrkdalen, that it will be a good investment that comes with lots of great experiences. Ski - and outdoor activities, with good space on the slopes, should be a safe activity. We are putting in place (proven) infection prevention so that all of our guests will have a safe and good time at our resort.

For those who buy a season pass, we can guarantee a refund if the ski resort should have to close due to Covid -19 or other pandemics.

The following refund arrangement is applicable during Covid-19 or other pandemic during the winter season 23 - 24:

Number of open days Refund of paid season pass
< 100 days  20 %
< 75 days  40 %
< 50 days  60 %
< 25 days  80 %