Guidelines when buying a lift pass

Refund of season pass during Covid -19 or other pandemics

It is important for us that when you purchase a season pass from Myrkdalen, that it will be a good investment that comes with lots of great experiences. Ski - and outdoor activities, with good space on the slopes, should be a safe activity. We are putting in place (proven) infection prevention so that all of our guests will have a safe and good time at our resort.

For those who buy a season pass, we can guarantee a refund if the ski resort should have to close due to Covid -19 or other pandemics.

The following refund arrangement is applicable during Covid-19 or other pandemic during the winter season 21 - 22:

Number of open days Refund of paid season pass
< 100 days  20 %
< 75 days  40 %
< 50 days  60 %
< 25 days  80 %



There will not be given a refund on lift passes due to bad weather, mist, snow, ice, technical faults or similar situations. If you are unsure about the weather and conditions, please contact our ticket office before you purchase a lift pass. If you are ill or and injured, we will give you a refund if you can put forward a doctors notice. Refund due to illness or injury will only be given to the person who is ill or injured, and only for those days where the lift pass have not been in use. If you have to leave the resort earlier than planned, you will not be given a refund. There will not be given a refund on lift passes with optional days during the season or season passes.

Discount on Lift Passes

Any discount agreements must always be cleared in advance. There is no discount on lift tickets at the checkouts or afterwards.

Season Pass

All lift passes are personal and can not be handed over to others. If you misuse or lend your season pass to others, your lift pass will be pulled in and you will have to pay a fine in order to get it back. If you lose or forget your pass we can make a new one for 70 NOK.

Weather and Skiing Conditions

We are always doing our best to ensure a good ski experience but reminding everyone that weather and conditions can change quickly at the mountains. A weather and condition report is sent out every morning and updated after best ability if the weather should change during the day.

Season pass bought before 30. September with 2 days in Voss Resort included

Before the season pass can be used at Voss Resort it needs to be activated in Myrkdalen. The card is activated by going through a turnstile gate. Our turnstile gates are by Myrkdalsekspressen, which will be open all autumn.