Road biking - from mountains to fjords!

The main road from Myrkdalen Mountain Resort to Vik at the famous Sognefjord offers waterfalls, hairpin turns, high mountain terrain and fjord bliss - perfect for road biking! 

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Road biking from mountains to fjords
Photo: Gry Bystøl

The tour starts at Myrkdalen Hotel, situated at 450 metres above sea level. From the hotel, the road goes gradually uphill to Kvassdalen - a lush u-shaped valley which was formed by the glaciers thousands of years ago.

Goats and cows are grazing in this valley, claiming the road just as much as the motorists and bikers in the area. At times you must bike zig-zag to get past the animals who are enjoying the summer days on and along the road.


Hairpin turns up to Vikafjellet Mountain Plateau

From Kvassdalen, the big test of strength starts up the hairpin turns towards Vikafjellet. The road winds up next to the 90 meters tall and spectacular waterfall Sendefossen. When the water levels are high, you'll get a natural light shower at some of the turns close to the waterfall. Don't forget to look around on the way up - the nature in this area will take your breath away!  


Vikafjellet Mountain Plateau

Vikafjellet is the mountainous area between Sognefjorden in the north, Vossefjellene in the south and Masfjordfjellene in the west. Here the road is in a hilly terrain - along mountain tarns, green and lush landscapes as well as spartan mountain terrain. The snow lasts long in this area - often until mid-July.

Before you start the descent down to Vik, you have to bike through the 1000 metre long Storehaug tunnel. We advise you to wear a reflector vest and pay extra attention to the traffic.


The road from Myrkdalen to Vik is full of contrasts - in about 40 km you get to experience high mountain terrain, waterfalls, fjord landscape and spectacular hairpin turns.


Downhill to Vik


TIP: Visit Hopperstad stave church and Hove church, go for a walk by the fjord, and if you dare – try the Norwegian delicatessen "gamalost" at the local cheese bar.



Road biking from mountains to fjords
Photo: Magnus Roaldset Furuseth
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