Tryggleik står høgt i Myrkdalen

Safety in Myrkdalen

Rules when skiing
We kindly ask you to read through and follow the rules of skiing, so the ski resort will be a safe place for everyone. 

1. Never ski in a manner that puts you or others at risk of injury
2. Adapt speed and skiing technique to your skiing ability, terrain, snow conditions and traffic
3. Skiing straight down the hill is strictly prohibited.
4. Skiers approaching from behind are responsible for avoiding collisions.
5. Skiers entering a slope or crossing a slope must avoid all risk of danger. This also applies if you stop in the slope.
6. Never stop in narrow passages or areas with poor visibility.
7. Skiers walking up the hill must walk on the far edges of the slope.
8. All skiers must have ski stoppers or safety straps on their skis, and make sure their bindings are properly adjusted
9. Comply with all signs, directional markings, warnings and instructions
10. You are obliged to help injured skiers. All witnesses and people involved in an accident must provide full name and address 

Do not ski, snowboard, ride a lift or undertake any other alpine activity if your ability is impaired by drugs or alcohol. Failure to follow the rules of skiing may result in cancellation of your ticket by the Ski Patrol or other authorised personnel.

Are you walking uphill?
Walk on the far edges of the slope. When you are approaching a hilltop, walk on the outside of the poles, in order to avoid a collision with skiers coming downhill. Also note that it is prohibited to ski the groomed slopes in the evening, as the tracks you make can create hazards the next day when the slopes have become firm again.  

Operating machinery after closing hours
When the ski resort is closed, we are operating different kinds of machinery at the ski resort. The groomers are in the slopes, and they can sometimes be hard to see if you are skiing fast downhill. Some of the snow groomers have a winch, which is a wire between the grooming machine and a winch mount. This wire is thin, can be hard to see and is on the surface of the snow. Please be careful and make sure that you have eye contact with the driver if you are approacing a grooming machine.  Keep a minimum of 25 metres from the grooming machines.

Snow production
There are also hazards during snow production, such as icy snow heaps, high pressure hoses and electrical cables.  Please keep a good distance to all snow production installations. 

Off-piste skiing is at your own risk 
The ski resort is responsible for marked and groomed slopes. If you leave the slopes, you are skiing at your own risk. This implies that you need to be aware of possible hazards in the mountains, such as gullies, rocks, snow-dunes, avalanche danger etc. See the board at the ski resort for the current avalanche danger.

At the Norwegian webpage, you can find more information regarding the avalanche danger in our region. We recommend to go skiing in a group of two or more if you want to go off-piste skiing. When skiing in a group you can help eachother if an emergency arises. 

Important Phone Numbers
Ski patrol: +47 415 18 002
We recommend that you save this phone number on your cell phone. Try to give a good description of where you are and what kind of help you need. This number will be answered during the opening hours of the ski resort. 
Doctor: 116117
Ambulance: 113
Myrkdalen Hotel: +47 47 47 16 00