Stå på ski i Myrkdalen, Voss Resort og Fonna

Ski All Year - Myrkdalen, Voss Resort og Fonna

This is the ultimate season pass for the skier that likes variation!

The «Ski All Year»-pass will give you access to Myrkdalen during the winter as well as the summer lift in July and August, Voss Resort during the winter season 2021/2022 and Fonna Glacier Ski Resort summer 2022 ( 15th of May until 25th of August).


NOK 7200,- per person
The price is equal for adults and children
Children under 7 years can ski for free in all the resorts

Buy here "Ski all Year"-card Pudderparadiset Myrkdalen

Sale of «ski all year» pass starts the 15th of September at 12.00 am. There is a limited number(?) so we advise you to be early on if this is the lift pass for you.

Note: This pass can not be used at Voss Gondol summer 2022

Refund on «Ski all year» season pass during Covid 19 or other pandemics

The following refund arrangement is applicable during Covid-19 or other pandemic during the winter season 21 - 22:

Number of open days Refund of paid season pass
< 100 days  20 %
< 75 days  40 %
< 50 days  60 %
< 25 days  80 %

There will not be given a refund on lift passes due to bad weather, mist, snow, ice, technical faults or similar situations.