Gratis skibuss til Myrkdalen

Bus and train

In the winter season we have a free ski bus with daily departures from Voss Station to Myrkdalen. The bus corresponds with the trains from and to Bergen.

Our free ski bus operates as soon as the ski resort opens. It takes approximately 40 minutes by bus from Voss Station to Myrkdalen. 

In the table below you'll see all departures for our free ski bus and regular buses between Voss Station and Myrkdalen, and the corresponding times for train to Bergen and Oslo. 

Bus from Voss Station
Bus from
Voss Station
Arrival train
from Bergen
Arrival train
from Oslo
Free ski bus Regular bus (Skyss)
8.30 am Arrival train from Bergen:8.09 am Arrival train from Oslo: 5.20 am Free ski bus: Weekends and public holidays Regular bus (Skyss):  Monday - Friday
10 am Arrival train from Bergen:9.53 am Arrival train from Oslo:  Free ski bus: Every day Regular bus (Skyss): 
2.40 pm Arrival train from Bergen:2.14 pm  Arrival train from Oslo: 1.41 pm Free ski bus: Weekends and public holidays Regular bus (Skyss): Monday - Friday
3.50 pm Arrival train from Bergen:3.14 pm Arrival train from Oslo: Free ski bus: Regular bus (Skyss): Every day apart from Saturday


Bus from Myrkdalen
Bus from
Departure train 
towards Bergen
Departure train
towards Oslo
Free ski bus Regular bus (Skyss)
7.25 am Departure train towards Bergen:8.33 am Departure train towards Oslo: 9.07 am Free ski bus:  Regular bus (Skyss): School days
9.45 am Departure train towards Bergen:10.39 am Departure train towards Oslo: 1.09 pm Free ski bus: Regular bus (Skyss): Monday - Friday
10.50 am Departure train towards Bergen:12.33 pm Departure train towards Oslo: 1.09 pm Free ski bus: Weekends  Regular bus (Skyss):  
3.40 pm Departure train towards Bergen:4.35 pm Departure train towards Oslo: 5.09 pm Free ski bus: Every day Regular bus (Skyss): 
4.30 pm Departure train towards Bergen:5.38 pm Avreise tog mot Oslo: Free ski bus:  Regular bus (Skyss): Every day apart from Saturday

Skyss- tickets
Tickets for the regular buses (Skyss) can be bought in their app

Ski ticket from Bergen (available during the winter season)
The ski ticket from Bergen is an easy and affordable way to go on a day-trip to the largest ski resort in Western Norway. The ski ticket includes train Bergen – Voss return, bus Voss – Myrkdalen return and a day pass in Myrkdalen. Book ski ticket from Bergen here 

Airport shuttle from Bergen
We are providing an airport shuttle from Bergen International Airport to Myrkdalen for our accommodation guests during the winter season. It is an approximately 2,5 hours drive to/from Myrkdalen Mountain Resort. Price per person NOK 990 return trip. Please book your shuttle a week in advance directly to: (+47) 47 47 16 00