Rules when skiing

Follow these rules when skiing to ensure your safety and others in the slope.

1. Never ski in a manner that puts you or others at risk of injury.

2. Adapt speed and skiing technique to your skiing ability, terrain, snow conditions and traffic.

3. Skiing straight down the hill is strictly prohibited.

4. Skiers approaching from behind are responsible for avoiding collisions.

5. Skiers entering a slope or crossing a slope must avoid all risk of danger. This also applies if you stop in the slope.

6. Never stop in narrow passages
or areas with poor visibility.

7. Skiers walking up the hill must walk on the far edges of the slope.

8. All skiers must have ski stoppers or safety straps on their skis, and make sure their bindings are properly adjusted.

9. Comply with all signs, directional markings, warnings and instructions.

10. You are obliged to help injured skiers. All witnesses and people involved in an accident must provide full name and address.