Questions and answers about Covid-19


- Will we get a refund if you have to close due to corona?  
Yes, everything will be refunded if it is required to close the accommodations in Myrkdalen Mountain Resort. The same applies if the area your residential address is introduces quarantine on departure.  

- What do we do if our area of residence become red while we are on holiday in Myrkdalen or are forced to go home sooner? 
If your area of residence becomes red while you are on holiday in Myrkdalen, you will not receive a refund. If we are required to close our accommodations, your remaining days will be refunded.  

- We have booked a package including accommodation and lift pass, will we get our money back if you are required to close?  
Yes, in a situation where we must close due to covid-19 your total booking will be refunded no matter when you are due to arrive.  

- What if I am infected with or have symptoms of Covid-19 and have to stay home in quarantine instead of going to Myrkdalen on vacation. Will I get a refund?  
Our normal cancellation policy will apply, and if it happens less than 20 days prior to arrival we recommend you use your travel insurance.  

- We are afraid of covid and do not want to travel because of the risk. Can we cancel whenever we want and get a full refund?  
No, you only get a full refund if the country you live in close, you are not allowed to travel to Myrkdalen, or Norway and/or the ski resort are required to close. If you regret booking or do not want to travel because you are afraid of infection, our normal cancellation policy occur.