Family-friendly Mountain Biking in Myrkdalen

Are you looking for an active family holiday - Myrkdalen is the perfect place for you! We have opened a 700 square metre pumptrack outside Myrkdalen Hotel, we have a skills course with elements for different levels and bike rental for both children and adults.

News! 700 square metre pumptrack 
Right outside Myrkdalen Hotel you'll find a 700 square metre pumptrack made in asphalt right outside Myrkdalen Hotel. A pumptrack is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features. A pumptrack can be made in different materials, we have planned to make ours in asphalt as it's very user- friendly for all types of wheels. 

This means that you can use anything from a skateboard to a bike scooter, three wheel bike or a regular bike on this track. 

Biking on a pumptrack gives you skills which can be transfered to traditional mountain biking. Here you will learn how to position yourself on the bike, how to create pressure and speed without using the pedals. These are great skills to have when biking on trails. 

All bike types work well on a pumptrack, but many people feel more speed and better response from the surface on a bike without suspension - such as a BMX, hardtail or a dirt bike.

Family-friendly mountain biking outside Myrkdalen Hotel 

Upside the hotel we have a purpose built bike track with 3 short loops; 2 green and 1 blue. The track suits beginners and children, but there are also elements for more experienced bikers. You can use all types of bikes on this track which is open every day and is free of charge to use for everyone! Saturdays in July and August you can also meet our activity coordinator by the bike track and get advice and tips.

Today our bike product is mainly aimed at families who are looking for an active holiday on two wheels.

New track in 2020
We will also create a new track with different difficulty levels close to the hotel, which will open during the autumn 2019. 

Mountain Bike Courses

Kurs i terrengsykling

Beginner Courses
During the summer we offer two hour mountain biking beginner courses for children and adults. These courses are for everyone with little or no mountain bike experience. We will teach you basic technique to master the terrain!

Technique Courses for Intermediates
Join a qualified instructor on a two hour mountain bike technique course for intermediates. The course will focus on balance, climbing technique, downhill technique, technique to get the front wheel over elements, turning and jumping.

Guided e-bike tour at Vikafjellet
Enjoy the high mountain terrain at Vikafjellet on an e-bike. Vikafjellet mountain plateau has many traffic free roads with stunning views. Feel the power from the e-bike and enjoy the nature with good friends.

Guided mountain bike tours
We offer guided mountain bike tours during the whole summer. The location and length of the trip will be adjusted to each group.

Mountain Bikes for Rent
In the summer season Myrkdalen Sport & Ski Rental has a good selection mountain bikes for rent - full supspension, hardtail and e-bikes! 

Plans for the future
In 2020 we are planning to establish a lift based flow trail for mountain biking. More information will be posted as the plans progress.