Frikøyring i myrkdalen

Thrilling everyday mountains

The mountain guide has been to the top of mountains around the world. At home, Stein Falsen Møller still chooses Myrkdalen. – I want to give children the opportunity to experience the joy of skiing, he says.

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Myrkdalen won a place in my heart 20 years ago.

It's 2003, and the rumor of a legendary powder paradise in Voss must be checked out. The experienced mountain guide and peak tour enthusiast Stein Falsen Møller quickly packs up his ski equipment and drives the steep curves from Bergen to Voss.

Stein Møller

– All that was here at the time was a tiny ski lift. I took it a little way up into the terrain and started walking in the untouched powder snow.

Up the mountain side, off the slopes, says Stein, who was convinced from the first step. Since then, he has continued to come here. Either in his free time, to train or in his job as a avalanche instructor and mountain guide.


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The Cabin Dream

Now it's the sons Eirik (9), Sondre (5) and Iver (2) who will soon be racing down the slopes for fun and play, just like their father has done for years. At least, that's the hope.

Together with his partner Ane, he has built a cabin close by, and moved in December 2022. "We are enjoying ourselves and have settled in well," he says.

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Frikjøring i Myrkdalen

Stein's 5 best ski tips:

  1. Spend time working on your skiing technique in the slope. You will reap the benefits on top tours and freeriding in variable snow conditions. A day with a ski instructor can be a good investment.
  2. Acquire knowledge about avalanche risk assessment and buddy rescue before starting top tours. Consider taking an avalanche course.
  3. Always bring a bivy sack and a warm jacket on ski tours outside the slopes and on top tours. This equipment can save lives if you are unlucky.
  4. Always make sure you have enough power for your cell phone on a tour. It is a very important tool if you need help.
  5. Most importantly: Take a trip to Myrkdalen after a snowfall! You won't regret it!

The couple look forward to creating memories with their family. Inviting friends. Enjoying themselves in the kitchen. Cooking together. Looking out at white mountain tops through large windows.

The dream is to put on their skis and head straight up to the peaks. And feel the afternoon sun warming by the cabin afterwards.


A passion for steep mountains

The couple wants Myrkdalen to be their "local mountains."

– We want to spend our weekends somewhere we can be sure of snow. A place we can go to without long car rides and a lot of hassle before we get out of the house. With the climate changes we have now, where everything seems to be getting milder and wetter, we consider Myrkdalen to be the most snow-sure place within a two-hour drive from home in the Bergen area," says Stein.

He loved the outdoor life of his childhood in the pine forest in Krokstadelva outside Drammen, but now he can't imagine anything better than steep Western Norwegian mountains. He calls himself a topography refugee.

The best thing about skiing is that I forget everything else. In every single turn I take, I am completely present in the moment.

It was during his military service at Setermoen in Bardufoss that Stein was introduced to mountain skiing and climbing. And since then, he has always been searching for steep slopes and untouched snow. After completing a degree in geology and 12 years as a technical rescue specialist in Aak Safety, he now works as a rescue technical advisor for the Norwegian Air Ambulance.


Ready for fun skiing

As the leader of an alpine rescue group in his free time and a certified mountain guide, proximity to the mountains is something he has long desired. For now, he imagines that the family will mostly have fun in the ski resort. The children will get their ski skills in place before their father takes them on freerides and top tours.

– The joy of being outside means a lot to Ane and me. We want to pass that on to the children. Maybe they will experience the same joy for skiing as us? By buying a cabin here, we at least create the opportunity for them to seize that chance. Then we just have to hope that they throw themselves into it, literally!