Fjelltur med fjordutsikt

Hikes with spectacular fjord views

If you are after more demanding hikes with fjord views, we recommend the spectacular mountains in Jordalen. Jordalen is located only 40 minutes from Myrkdalen, direction Gudvangen.

In this area, you have several options. Still, two of the most visited mountains is probably Bakkanosi and Breiskrednosi - both of them offers an airy view of the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord.

Jordalen - Bakkanosi return: 20 km

Bakkanosi - topptur ved UNESCO lista Nærøyfjorden
It's hard to describe the stunning view at the top. You have to experience it yourself!

The hike to Bakkanosi starts from the old school in Jordalen. Walk the tractor road to the mountain farms in Slettedalen and follow the sheep tracks on the left side of the river. Walk up to the mountain tarns at Slettedalstjørni. The track eases off towards the top of Bakkanosi.

Jordalen - Breiskrednosi return: 20 km

Stunning views over the fjord!  Photo: Svein Ulvund

The hike to Breiskrednosi mountain starts from Breidalen, approximately 10 km further in the valley from the old school. From here the ascent is fairly steep up the valley before you drop down to the Skarsvotni lake. From Skarsvotni you walk up past the western side of the Rimstigfjellet mountain before the track eases off to the top of Breiskrednosi. Breiskrednosi is a steep wall - lying on the edge of the cliff will give you butterflies in your stomach. You can also reach Breiskrednosi from the villages Bakka and Dyrdal.


Arild Dyrdal, the only permanent resident in the roadless village Dyrdal, describes Breiskrednosi as "his own Trolltunga." 


Please note! The hikes to the mountains Breiskrednosi and Bakkanosi are not marked and many places there are no defined tracks. You need to have a lot of mountain experience and excellent navigation skills. Myrkdalen offers guided hikes in this area. 


Prest - hike with fjord views all the way


Hiking to the mountain Prest by the Aurlandsfjord is superb! The hike starts from the tourist road over Aurlandsfjellet, approximately 1 hour drive from Myrkdalen. By the big parking lot is a well established track to the view point at 1363 metres above sea level.  

Here you can bring children at all ages and walk as far as they manage, as the view over the Aurlandsfjord is phenomenal after just a few hundred metres. 

After 2,5 kilometres you reach the view point, which offers panoramic views of the Aurlandsfjord towards Flåm. To the north you see Kamben, the mountain which marks the place where the Aurlandsfjord meets the Nærøyfjord.