Tråfjosen - spesiell overnatting i Myrkdalen Fjellandsby

Unique accommodation in Tråfjosen

Now you hava a unique opportunity to sleep in an old wooden barn, surrounded by beautiful nature and history, all year round.

In the forest below the Storhaug express lift in Myrkdalen in Western Norway is "Tråfjosen" - an old wooden barn where cows used to be gathered and milked in the olden days.



The barn has been empty for over forty years, but now it is being used again - as a unique accommodation unit for people who want to experience something extraordinary.


The stalls inside where the cows were milked, are still intact with beautiful slates that separated that stalls from each other.


Tråfjosen inngang


In the southern end of the barn, a module is installed with sleeping space for 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children. To enter you must crawl through a round opening.


Tråfjosen inne


The room itself is bright, flooded with natural light from the unique, bay window, extending towards the beautiful view of the valley.

Seen from the outside, the window is the only part on the old wooden barn that indicates it has been altered - To a unique accommodation unit that you can experience all year round.

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