Opningstider i Myrkdalen

Opening Hours

Myrkdalen Ski Restort

Open every day: 09:30 – 16:00. Welcome to Myrkdalen!

Last day of the season will be 28. April.


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22 varied slopes with all levels of difficulty
Myrkdalen has everything from family-friendly ski areas, slopes with all levels of difficulty, terrain parks, ski cross slopes to great off-piste terrain. The ski resort has a total of 9 lifts: 2 six-seater express lifts, 3 t-bar lifts, 3 disc lifts and a magic carpet for the youngest skiers.
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Here, you'll find green slopes suitable for families, long blue slopes for beginners, and more challenging slopes and terrain for advanced skiers.

Most slopes are wide and open – Myrkdalen is therefore a perfect place to learn to ski.


Trail Descriptions

Trail 1 - Myrkdalsløypo: Blue trail. The main route is equipped with snow making facilities all the way down to the base. This is the trail for those taking the chairlift for the first time. Varied terrain with both flat and slightly steeper sections. The trail is wide and has plenty of space.

Trail 2 - Bygardsløypo: Black trail that runs from the top of Myrkdalsekspressen chairlift down to the hotel. For those who love speed and steep slopes. It's no surprise that many alpine ski clubs have training and races here. Get your skis edged!

Trail 3 - Strandaløypo: On busy days, those who like plenty of space and large turns can choose this route down from Myrkdalsekspressen chairlift. Red trail that is suitable for all advanced/intermediate skiers.

Trail 4 - Landsbybakken: Located right above the hotel and has both a park and light system for evening skiing.

Trail 5 - Helgatunløypo: A branch of Myrkdalsløypo that takes you down to the cabin area and ski tracks in Helgatun. "Rollers" the whole way!

Trail 6 - Botnaløypo: The easiest way from the top of Myrkdalsekspressen chairlift down to Fjellstova Vetlebotn Café.

Trail 7 - Kråniløypo: A red trail with plenty of space for large turns and good speed.

Trail 8 - Fessarholeløypo: Also known as "the other Kråniløypa". A blue trail that runs from the top of Kråni ski lift down to Vetlebotn.

Trail 9 - Finnbuløypo: Ready... set... go! A steep trail from the top of the Kari Traa T-bar. Wide and perfect for large, delicious turns on carving skis. From the top you can enjoy the beautiful view, and down the trail you can really let go with good speed. Tip: From the top of the Kari Traa trek, you will find a large off-piste area on both sides of the trail.

Trail 10 - Kari Traa-løypo: Named after Voss's own ski queen. Located on the opposite side of the same-named ski lift. Just "give it your all" here. Very nice off-piste area right outside the trail!

Trail 11 - Badnabakken: A wide trail with a gentle slope. Many children and beginners have taken their first turns on snow here. You'll find both a magic carpet (ski conveyor belt) and a button lift that take you up the trail.

Trail 12 - Myrkdalscrossen: Runs from the top of Myrkdalsekspressen chairlift. A playful trail with controlled turns, rollers, and wave fields from top to bottom! Very fun trail that is suitable for most skiers with decent skiing ability.

Trail 13 - Huldreskogen: A favorite among children! The trail is located right by Mikkel ski lift, parallel to the children's area at the bottom of the ski centre. It winds its way down between the trees and has many fun side trails and ungroomed paths through the adventure forest and past Revehiet. A green trail that suits most people.

Trail 14 - Skogscrossen: A child-friendly trail with varied terrain and small park elements. Located by Mikkel ski lift and the children's area.

Trail 15 - Transporten: A short transport trail that takes you to the trail and cabin area in Helgatun. You may encounter people on cross-country skis on their way to the trails in Årmotslia.

Trail 16 - Leinevegen: Black trail that takes you through the snowy area above the cabin area. Drop into the powdery slope or continue out to Trail 2, Bygardsløypo.

Trail 17 - Ondrahaugen: Eager to get on the first lift in Storhaugen? Sit in the hockey position from the top of Myrkdalsekspressen chairlift and set off down this fast-paced trail. Don't forget to enjoy the view!

Trail 18 - Overland: The main route down to Storhaugen. Red trail that suits most people.

Trail 19 - Hyrtamyra: The panoramic trail on the sunny side of Myrkdalen! This pearl runs from the top of Storhaugekspressen chairlift, around Storhaugen, and down towards the beautiful Mørkvestøl cabins. Fantastic view of the cabins and mountains! The trail is wide with a gentle slope. You'll also find our new "Adventure slope" here.

Trail 20 - Skaret: After a long day with many runs in Storhaugen, it's time to get down to Myrkdalen Hotel. This trail will get you on the right track.

Trail 21 - Storhaugen: Drop straight from the Storhaugekspressen into this wide and well-groomed red trail. Plenty of space for large turns in good drive!

Trail 22 - Storhaugcrossen: Ski cross with sharp, controlled turns in the heart of Storhaugen. The favorite trail of Jostein Norheim, who designed the descent. If you beat his best time, you're good!

Trail 23 - Adventure slope: You can find this trail in Storhaugen, down to the Storhaugekspressen. The slope is like a roller coaster on snow.

Cross-country trails: At the hotel, you can put on cross-country skis and head out into the 30 km of touring and cross-country trails. You'll find varied terrain with groomed trails around the ski stadium, in the high mountains, and down the valley.