Park i Myrkdalen

Myrkdalen Snow Park

In recent years we have prioritized developing our snow parks and in the winter season you'll find four different parks with elements and jumps for all levels.

Park i Myrkdalen

The park at Landsbytrekket will have more PVC tubes and boxes. If the snow allows we will also have a ‘flow’ line from top to bottom. This park will be aimed at beginner to intermediate levels! In this park we also have evening skiing Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays during most of the winter season. 

At Finne-parken in Helgatun you will find a creative line with lots of snow features for the intermediate and expert riders.

This snow park you'll find next to slope 5, which consist of an upper and lower part. At the top you'll find larger jumps and elements and the lower part feature a kids' flow line that will have jumps, humps and corners.