Booking policy

1. General information

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply between Norway's best AS and a party who enters into an agreement with Norway's best AS in accordance with the booking confirmation (the guest).
1.2 Norway's best AS is responsible for all transactions which take place through
1.3 Norway's best AS are responsible for our sub-suppliers being paid for what you have ordered through us. Our sub-suppliers are each responsible for their own parts of the programme; including comprehensive insurance, permits, equipment, staffing etc., and for their compliance with prevailing laws and regulations that apply to the supplier.
1.4 The person responsible for the booking at must be 18 years old. This applies for all product and services that can be booked at the website, apart from Cabins/apartments (cf. § 1.5)
1.5 The person responsible for booking Cabins/Apartments must be 23 years old.
1.6 Norway's best AS disclaims all responsibility for errors committed by customers failing to observe the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions protect you as a customer, and Norway's best AS as distributors.

2. Booking
2.1 A reservation is binding as soon as a booking number has been assigned to the guest and payment made. It is the guest's responsibility to verify that the arrival and departure dates and all other crucial booking data are correct.

3. Payment
3.1 The guest shall pay 100 % when booking at, and will receive a booking confirmation on e-mail. The guest need to show the booking confirmation on arrival. The website is 3D Secure-enabled.
3.2 Our partner Teller AS is responsible for credit card numbers and codes being securely processed in accordance with the requirements defined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

4. Insurance
4.1 We recommend all our customers to ensure they have good insurance cover before travelling, in the event of illness, loss or damage to luggage, accidents, liability and similar.

5. Booking policy for all products at, apart from Lift Passes

5.1 Cancellation policy
5.1.1 All cancellations must be made via e-mail to
5.1.2 If the cancellation is made 20 or more days before arrival, Norway's best AS will refund the entire amount. The refund will go to the credit card used for the booking.
5.1.3 If the cancellation is made between 19 and 10 days before arrival, Norway's best AS will refund 50 % of the entire amount. The refund will go to the credit card used for the booking.
5.1.4 If the cancellation is made less than 10 days before arrival, the amount is not refundable

5.2 Change of booking
5.2.1 The customer can change the booking until 10 days prior to arrival on e-mail A booking fee may apply.

5.3 Check-in, check-out and arrival
5.3.1 Check-in for all accommodation units is at Myrkdalen Hotel after 4 pm on the day of arrival
5.3.2 Check- out for all accommodation units is at Myrkdalen Hotel before 11 am on the day of departure
5.3.3 Lift passes that are sold in a package with accommodation can be picked up at Myrkdalen Hotel
5.3.4 The reception at Myrkdalen Hotel is open 24 hours daily, but if you arrive later than 6 pm, we kindly ask you to notify us on e-mail or phone.

5.4 Change of accommodation unit
5.4.1 If circumstances beyond the control of Norway's best AS should arise, Norway's best AS has the right to move the customer to a dwelling of similar standard. In cases where advance notice is possible, the customer will be informed about such changes. However, this does not exempt the customer from paying for the stay.

5.5 Complaints at the accommodation unit
5.5.1 If the customer has complaints to make about the dwelling upon arrival or during the stay, we request him/her to contact the personnel/reception in order to solve the issue.
5.5.2 Refunds will not be made if the customer makes complaints about the dwelling at departure, or later.

5.6 Specific policies for Cabins/Apartments
5.6.1 Electricity is included in the price. Wood is not included – this can be ordered separately
5.6.2 The stay is based on self-catering. Also note that you need to rent bed linen when staying at apartments or cabins, which cost 150 NOK per person for the whole stay. Towels are included in the price.
5.6.3 The guests will be held responsible for damage or loss of any kind to the accommodation unit, which is not caused by normal wear.
5.6.4 On the day of departure the accommodation unit must be left tidy, place your waste in the recycling units in Myrkdalen Mountain Resort and return your bed linen to the reception at Myrkdalen Hotel
5.6.5 For all accommodation units the guest need to pay for a cleaning service. The price varies from unit to unit
5.6.6 It is not allowed to bring pets to the accommodation unit, unless otherwise is agreed in writing with Norway's best AS
5.6.7 Quiet time between 11 pm and 7 am

6. Booking policy Lift Passes
6.1 Lift Passes are non-refundable
6.2 Lift Passes are personal and are not transferable
6.3 Lost Lift Passes will not be replaced
6.4 Guests not complying with the alpine responsibility code may lose their Lift Passes
6.5 Lift Passes, which cannot be used due to bad weather, poor conditions or technical problems, will not be refunded.


7. The following refund arrangement is applicable during Covid-19 or other pandemic during the winter season:

Number of open days Refund of paid season pass
< 100 days  20 %
< 75 days  40 %
< 50 days  60 %
< 25 days  80 %



There will not be given a refund on lift passes due to bad weather, mist, snow, ice, technical faults or similar situations. If you are unsure about the weather and conditions, please contact our ticket office before you purchase a lift pass. If you are ill or and injured, we will give you a refund if you can put forward a doctors notice. Refund due to illness or injury will only be given to the person who is ill or injured, and only for those days where the lift pass have not been in use. If you have to leave the resort earlier than planned, you will not be given a refund. There will not be given a refund on lift passes with optional days during the season or season passes.

8. Booking policy Ski Rental

8.1 Cancellation policy
Refer til point 5.1

8.2 Equipment pick-up
8.2.1 Equipment that is booked through can be picked up at Myrkdalen Sport & Ski Rental, vis-à-vis Myrkdalen Hotel.  

8.3 Equipment delivery
8.3.1 At the end of the rental period the equipment must be returned to Myrkdalen Sport & Ski Rental: Before 4 pm until Jaunary 31st / Before 4.30 pm until May 1st

8.4 Refund
Equipment which cannot be used due to bad weather, poor conditions or technical problems, will not be refunded.

9. Booking policy Ski School products

9.1 Cancellation policy
Refer til point 5.1

9.2  Refund
If the ski lifts stop due to technical problems, the ski school products will not be refunded.

10. Force Majeure and unsatisfactory weather conditions
9.1 Norway's best AS and our sub-suppliers are not responsible for unsatisfactory weather conditions, closed facilities or other conditions that are not in the company’s control. Parties may withdraw from the agreement if the booked product can not be used due to act of war, natural disasters, long disruption of water and electricity supplies, or similar events which neither Norway's best AS nor the customer could predict or influence.