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Ski School in Myrkdalen

The ski school at Myrkdalen Aktiv is not just for those with little or no experience with skiing. The lesson is tailored to the level, and you can choose between private and group lessons.

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Our skilled instructors have plenty of tips - even for those of you who have some experience from before.

The slopes are wide and easy - making Myrkdalen the perfect place to learn to ski. We focus on making skiing fun, whether you are young or old, a beginner or advanced.


Private Lessons

Skiskule i Myrkdalen

Private lessons are something that anyone can take, regardless of age and level. Whether it is your first time on skis or if you are already quite good, we can help you develop many steps further. The lesson is tailored to your exact needs.

You can choose between different lengths of the lesson: 100 minutes, 3 hours or a whole day. For children under 7 years old, we also offer 50-minute lesson



Group Lessons

Ski school in Myrkdalen


Our ski instructors are ready to provide group lessons at all levels to children and adults over 16 years old. There is a minimum of 4 people per group, and participants in a group should be at the same level to get the most out of the instruction.

Book group lesson 100 min

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Ski Touring and Avalanche Courses

Toppturkurs i Myrkdalen

Do you dream of going on a backcountry tour and experiencing exhilarating powder skiing? Then it's important to think about safety and be able to make good choices off the beaten path. Together with Breogfjell, we can offer courses that give you knowledge about avalanches, safety, route selection, equipment use, and proper skiing techniques.


Kim Bagge Andersen - skiinstruktør Myrkdalen Aktiv

When you teach something to people, and they truly get it, you can see the joy in them. That joy is reflected in so much energy. They have learned something new. They have mastered it in their own way. There are big smiles, "high fives" and you can see they are excited as they head down the slope.

- Kim Bagge Andersen, ski instructor