Nydlege forhold for Kajakk i Indre Arnafjord

Kayaking in the Norwegian fjords

Myrkdalen lies in the heart of Fjord Norway, only 40 minutes from Sognefjorden in the north and the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjorden in the east. In other words, the perfect starting point for amazing experiences in a kayak. From a kayak, you can enjoy the spectacular Westcoast nature as a family, couple or solo traveller. 


Guided sea kayaking tour in Sognefjorden

Sea kayaking in the Sognefjord


The trip starts at Myrkdalen hotel, driving over the beautiful high mountain terrain Vikafjellet, then down to Arnafjorden. Arnafjorden is a sunny fjord branch surrounded by the majestic mountains Fagerdalsnipa and Jambueggi. 


We highly recommended this trip to anyone looking for an active family holiday in scenic surroundings. 


Arriving at the fjord, you will be handed equipment from a guide and shown a demonstration of the gear and safety routines. For families with children, you can go in a tandem kayak where the adult is in the back controlling it. From there on out you can enjoy the fjord - the length of the trip is adjusted to each group. 


Refreshing swim 


Bading på kajakk tur


The trip consists of breaks where you'll have the opportunity to jump into the fjord and enjoy a refreshing swim on hot summer days. It's the company Outdoor Norway that offers this remarkable journey through the fjord. You can order it three days a week from May till September. 


River kayaking



Get you adrenalin pumping river kayaking in the extreme sports capital of Norway. Voss is known for its world-class rivers - people from all over the world travel here to experience waterfalls and crystal clear river rapids. At first glance, this might look like an activity only suited for daredevils, but that's not the case. Anyone can enjoy the thrill and joy of river kayaking without any prior experience - tandem kayaking with a certified instructor. 


Tandem river kayaking 

Kayak Voss and Outdoor Norway can offer you a trip down the river you are not likely to forget during the summer season. Tandem river kayaking is a unique experience filled with adrenalin and excitement. The instructor will be seated in the back of the boat, safely controlling you through the river rapids, while you'll be in the front - experiencing the force of nature. 


Renting a Kayak 


Leig Kajakk i Gudvangen


If you have already tested out kayaking and want to go on your own, Nordic Ventures offers both tandem and single kayaks for rent. You can find Nordic Ventures in Gudvangen, only 30 minutes from Myrkdalen


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