Cross Country Skiing and Ski Touring

Myrkdalen has great terrain for cross country skiing and ski touring.

Cross Country Skiing
Årmostlia, which is situated across the road from the ski resort contains many kilometres of groomed tracks. This is a perfect location to excersise or bring your kids skiing. A 5 km loop is illuminated, so you can go skiing even after it`s dark.The lights are on until 10 pm every night in the winter season. 

The mountain plateau at Vikafjellet has many options for cross country skiing. A common starting point is at the parking lot by the county border between Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. Please note that there are no groomed tracks in this area – here you make your own tracks in the pristine mountain terrain.

Ski Touring in the Heart of Fjord Norway
There are many beautiful mountains around Myrkdalen and often you can start right from your doorstep. The most accessible mountain is Finnbunuten (1358 m) – as you can gain height by taking the Kari Traa lift up and walk to the top. On a clear day you can enjoy magnificent views of glaciers such as Hardangerjøkulen, Jostedalsbreen and Folgefonna. On the other side of the valley is Bjørndalskamben (1402 m) – the highest mountain in Myrkdalen with nice views over Vikafjellet Mountain Plateau. 

Did you know that Myrkdalen is only 30 minutes away from the famous Nærøy Fjord? There are many great mountains with stunning fjord views to explore in this area. We recommend to drive to Jordalen - this valley is a nice starting point for ski tours to mountains such as Solbjørganipa, Vardanosi, Bakkanosi, and Fyresnipa

Just remember
While skiing you are responsible for yourself and your friends. Be especially careful on days when the avalanche danger is moderate and high. There is a training area for avalanche transceivers at the ski resort, feel free to use it! 

Ski Rental
Myrkdalen Sport & Ski Rental offers BC skis, skate skis, skintec cross country skis for adults and waxless nordic skis for children. We also have covered sledges for babies and toddlers. For everyone interested in ski touring, the ski rental has ski touring equipment, including skins, avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel. 

Guided Ski Tour
Every Saturday during the winter season you can join guides from the Ski School on a guided ski tour in Myrkdalen. The guides have local knowledge about the area and know where to find the best snow. The Ski School only has ISIA internationally approved ski instructors, which means that they always follow the latest guidelines within avalanche safety, instruction etc. 

The UNESCO Listed Nærøyfjord

The magical Nærøyfjord is only 45 minutes from Myrkdalen. Fjord cruise, open rib boats, Stegastein viewpoint and the world famous Flåm Railway!

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