Familievennlige fjellturer i Myrkdalen

Family-friendly hikes

In Myrkdalen you'll find great hikes for the whole family! Hiking with children is a perfect family activity and the area around Myrkdalen offers a variety of peaks and hikes for all ages.

Our skylift is open in July and August - a great way to get to 860 metres above sea level in an instant. The stunning mountain terrain at Vikafjellet and the spectacular mountains in Jordalen are only a short drive away. 

Hiking from Myrkdalen Hotel

Barn i Myrkdalen
Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Myrkdalen Hotel is a perfect base for many different day hikes. For the youngest children we recommend the track from Helgatun to Vetlebotn. If you want a longer walk you can go to Leinevegen Viewpoint and back to the hotel. Another nice hike is to the charming mountain farm at Mørkvesstølen, wich is located next to a little creek with a nice view towards the Myrkdalsvatnet lake. From Mørkvestølen you can walk further to the idyllic Svortetjødn, which is a nice tarn to have a refreshing swim on a hot summers day.

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If you want to hike to a peak, Svolefjell and Finnbunuten are the closest mountains in our area and both hikes can be reached from Myrkdalen Hotel. Finnbunuten is the mountain at the top of the ski resort and the most common way up is along the Kari Traa lift and up the ridge to the top. On a clear day you'll have a beautiful view of well known glaciers such as Hardangerjøkulen, Jostedalsbreen and Folgefonna.  

Hiking maps
See hiking maps from Myrkdalen Hotel
See hiking maps from the top of the skylift   

Skylift is open in July and August
If you want to start the hike higher up in the mountains, you can take our skylift in July and August.  

By taking the skylift to the top you have a great opportunity to reach many of the hiking destinations in Myrkdalen.


Trail Quiz

Gjør fjellturen mer spennende med natursti. Turen innholder 10 poster med varierte spørsmål.

Trail quiz is a fun activity for children, which makes the hike more exciting and fun. On the trail between Vetlebotn and Helgatun we will put up ten different questions for the whole family. Pick up a reply form and a map at Myrkdalen Hotel. The trail quiz will be open from mid June. 

Vikafjellet og Stølsheimen

Vandring i Myrkdalen
Foto: Sverre Hjørnevik

Vikafjellet is the gateway to Stølsheimen, the mountainous area between Sognefjorden in the north and Vossefjellene in the south, Masfjordfjellene in the west and Vikafjellet in the east. The area offers green and lush landscapes as well as spartan mountain terrain, and almost unlimited walking opportunities for adults and children.

In this area DNT (The Norwegian Trekking Association) has 9 mountain cabins - two of these are easy to reach from Vikafjellet: Selhamarhytta and Åsedalen. If you are looking for a nice day trip - we highly recommend the family-friendly terrain in Sendedalen. Vikafjellet is only 15 minutes from Myrkdalen Mountain Resort. 

Trail Running

Fem tips for å komme i gang med fjellspringing

Do you like running in the mountains on nice hilly trails? Trail running is a growing trend - with good reason. This is a great way to excersise, which also gives you fantastic nature experiences - regardless of which shape you are in. 

The conditions for trail running in Myrkdalen are very good, and the superb tracks at Vikafjellet are only a stone's throw away. In the summer you can join a guided trail run at Vikafjellet, and we will adjust the length and the speed of the run for each group.