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Are you dreaming of owning a holiday home? In Myrkdalen you can use your apartment when you feel like it, and when you are not there, rent it out. Or invest and rent it out 100%.

With us the opportunity's are many and the rental market very good. 

In high demand

Our main target group are families, and we are in high demand for homes both summer and winter. Weekends and holidays during the winter are when our need is at its peak, and in the last couple of years, we also had an increase in the international market for mid-week stays. 

During the summer season, a vacation in Myrkdalen Mountain Resort is a popular choice, especially in July and August. In the summer our main visitors come from tour operators - the price is, therefore, lower than during the winter, but with a higher occupancy rate. In total, the occupancy rate is high all year round - with the highest room price during weekends and holidays. 

All rentals in Myrkdalen Mountain Resort are administrated by Myrkdalen Hotel, something that gives a problem-free rental relationship for you as an owner. Via Myrkdalen hotel you have a professional sale - and marketing organization, dealing with check-in and checkouts as well cleaning. You don't have to think about anything - we will deal with the contracts, payment and other challenges that might arise. You receive a deduction from us once a month, and it should be easy and safe to rent through us.

In Myrkdalen Mountain Resort, we operate with two different models for rentals as described underneath.

Renting in Kamben, Torggarden and future centre buildings. 

  • Bookable as hotel rooms 

The rental model for these buildings is based on that all the entities go in the same. <- Find away to phrase this. The collected income for rentals will be divided between the owners, according to available nights for the single entity. Myrkdalen Hotel AS will have the responsibility for dividing the occupancy rate, to ensure fair treatment of the owners. 

The entities will be bookable as hotel rooms; therefore, the apartments will need to be decorated with a standard interior package, you can purchase this via Myrkdalen Mountain Resort AS. In this model, the owner will be paid out 50% of net rent price ( excluding mva, and agent provision, breakfast and other dining that is included during the stay). It's expected that this model will give you the highest income potential, as the room price is higher when the entity rented out as a hotel room. 

Renting out apartments or cabins ( all entities aside from buildings placed in the centre of town.) 

When the entities are bookable as self-catering, the owner is freer to put their touch at the interior of the apartment/cabin. Myrkdalen Mountain resort will not set requirements for furniture or interior, but a minimum requirement for equipment will be set for the landlords. 

The self-catered apartments will be priced and categorized based upon how many rooms/beds there are. The landlord will receive the actual amount of nights the holiday home is rented. In this model, the owner will be paid 60% of net rent price.