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Fjellstova Vetlebotn Café

Fjellstova Vetlebotn, situated next to the Kari Traa T-bar lift, is the natural meeting place in the middle of the mountain. The café serves homemade food based on local ingredients.

With mountain view in bright surroundings, you can enjoy good food based on local produce and recipes. We honour the long history and traditions of farming in Myrkdalen, and the cozy café is just as perfect as a meeting place for the family or a group of friends on skis, as it is for those who want to organize parties and private events.



A meeting place in the slopes 

Located in the middle of the ski resort, Fjellstova Vetlebotn is the ideal place for a break from skiing. Let your legs rest while you refill your energy levels from the well-stocked menu.

With space for up to 200 guests, Vetlebotn significantly expands our café capacity. And you no longer have to ski all the way down to the bottom of the slopes to get a coffee or use the toilet facilities.


Vetlebotn inne


Traditional food based on local produce is in focus, with natural ingredients from the region. This includes simple meals like sausages from Vossakjøt and stew from Haugen Gardsmat. The dinner dishes have the same high quality. Try our "Sosekjøt", tender cooked beef in brown sauce, and our home-made meat patties with delicous side dishes.

We also have good alternatives for those of you who do not want meat.


Utanfor Fjellstova Vetlebotn vinterstid
Sit outside Fjellstova Vetlebotn and get the sense of the Alps



Honour to Myrkdalen’s mountain farming culture

Gamalt bilete viser familie i finstasen på Mørkvesstølen

Mountain farming used to be an important part of life in Myrkdalen. Since Fjellstova Vetlebotn is placed on an old mountain farm, we want to give some credit to this part of the culture. We have collected and hung old photos on the walls, for you to get a glimpse of what it was like.  

The mountain farms were traditionally the women’s domain. During the summers women on the farms moved into their cabins in the mountains to take care of the animals and make butter, cheese and sour cream.  

But think again if this sounds like an easy and idyllic summer lifestyle. 

After the morning milking session, the women walked down to the main farm in the valley to give a hand in the harvest as well as cooking for the men and children. Back on the mountain farm after the day's work, it was time to gather the cattle for an evening milking session. In the middle of summer everyone from the farms gathered at the mountain farm for a festive event with homemade porridge of sour cream. You can off course try this porridge from our menu today too.  

In the autumn, when cattle and men had gone home, the mythical creatures “Huldra” moved into the small cabins here.  

A place for events and parties 

Fjellstova Vetlebotn is also a nice venue for private celebrations such as weddings, Christening, and other milestone celebrations. Please contact us for more information and booking.  

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